Let’s go RED and save our dearest

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Women are considered as the backbone of every family. A home is not a home without a mother or a wife. So how do you take care of the backbone of your family? Do you take enough precautions to guard them against deadly diseases and health problems? The heart is considered as the most important part of a human body. Are you taking proper care of your heart? In fact, there is also a very common misconception that people tend to believe. People from around the world think that heart disease is most common amongst men than women. However the fact is entirely different. Unfortunately, more women than men die of heart problems every year. To fight this issue, Puget Sound partners with ViperTech Mobile is going all red to create greater awareness amongst women so that they can take good care of their heart.

Painting the town red with the event

A local band in Houston has collaborated with pressure washing company to organize an event that will aim at creating awareness about heart diseases in women. The chief goal of the event will be to educate women about how and what causes a heart attack. How can they prevent them? What precautions they should take etc. The risk of heart attack can be reduced if women can take necessary steps by identifying the unique symptoms of heart attack.

Purpose of the event:

The event would also cover all needed information that will help you to understand how you can protect your heart from getting damaged. Puget Sound partners with ViperTech Mobile and have taken the pledge to do their best to the event so that they make women realize how much they are necessary for their families and the society.

Are there any symptoms?

The most common heart attack symbol both for men and women is chest pain. Women can also feel a kind of pressure and discomfort in their chest. Nonetheless, there are also some other symptoms for heart attack in women. The tricky part is those symptoms are more subtle and to understand that you have to be more cautious. The other symptoms apart from chest pains are as follows:

01. Pain in right arm

02. Feeling fatigued

03. Light dizziness

04. Sweating

05. Vomiting

06. Difficulty in breathing

07. Neck, shoulder, or abdominal discomfort.

These symptoms may occur when you are asleep or when you are resting. It is important that apart from carrying out your daily duties you should pay equal attention to your health as well. Loving your family is fine, but a woman should also like herself if she wants to stay healthy and hearty.

Risk factors to look for:

Feeling worried, right? We all are concerned about you, so now let’s find out the factors that trigger the risk of heart attack. In the event experts having right knowledge will discuss the probable risk factors.

01. Diabetes increases the risk of heart attack in women more than the men.

02. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity creates a greater impact on a woman’s heart.

03. If your wife or mother is going through mental trauma or depression, then it’s time to take proper care of her health. It has been reported women suffer a lot of mental stress and depression, and the result is mostly a deadly heart attack.

04. Lesser physical activity may trigger the chance of heart attack. And women tend to be less active than men.

05. Do you smoke? Then you should quit smoking from today onwards. With other physical disruptions, smoking can cause a deadly heart attack.

06. Low level of estrogen after menopause carries a significant risk factor in developing heart diseases.

07. During pregnancies, several complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes can affect both the mother and the child for long term

After going through all the above factors, it is quite evident that there are some factors which can be controlled by us. However, there are also some factors which are totally out of our control, and there is nothing we can do.

Ways to save life:

Doctors from top hospitals will be teaming with us and will give detailed information about the amazing lifesaving ways. Very briefly let’s have a look at the ways.

01. Live a tobacco-free life

02. Exercise regularly

03. Choose a healthy and balanced diet

04. Control your weight

05. Go for regular check up and take medicines as prescribed

06. Know your health conditions well.

We are leaving no stones unturned just for you. Won’t you co-operate with us to make this event a grand success?


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