Let’s go RED and save our dearest

Women are considered as the backbone of every family. A home is not a home without a mother or a wife. So how do you take care of the backbone of your family? Do you take enough precautions to guard them against deadly diseases and health problems? The heart is considered as the most important part of a human body. Are you taking proper care of your heart? In fact, there is also a very common misconception that people tend to believe. People from around the world think that heart disease is most common amongst men than women. However the fact is entirely different. Unfortunately, more women than men die of heart problems every year. To fight this issue, Puget Sound partners with ViperTech Mobile is going all red to create greater awareness amongst women so that they can take good care of their heart.

Painting the town red with the event

A local band in Houston has collaborated with pressure washing company to organize an event that will aim at creating awareness about heart diseases in women. The chief goal of the event will be to educate women about how and what causes a heart attack. How can they prevent them? What precautions they should take etc. The risk of heart attack can be reduced if women can take necessary steps by identifying the unique symptoms of heart attack.

Purpose of the event:

The event would also cover all needed information that will help you to understand how you can protect your heart from getting damaged. Puget Sound partners with ViperTech Mobile and have taken the pledge to do their best to the event so that they make women realize how much they are necessary for their families and the society.

Are there any symptoms?

The most common heart attack symbol both for men and women is chest pain.…

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Save Her Life Event

She has always been there. Thinking of us. Caring for us. Working her buns off. So why not return the love back?

One Simple Way to Show Her You Care

The other day I was walking outside with the love of my life. I couldn’t help but to think of ways to show her I care… Everyday I go out of my way just to show her she’s special, but…

… The news that more and more American women suffer from heart attack, and don’t even know has freaked me out… I don’t know about you, but.. the stuff bears of Valentine’s days, the chocolates, the “romantic getaways”, and ad nauseum was not just enough for me…

That’s When The “Big Idea” Hit Me

The love I had for her drove me to think about the other guys that had
the same amount of love for theirs. I wanted to bring a community together
into awareness of how we can better serve the women in our lives, just as
they slave so much into bringing happiness to the people in their lives.

Because of this, I slaved relentlessly into creating the “Save Her Life”

And this is how you can show you care.

We will be throwing a block party in downtown Houston, coupled with a
walkathon to express our love and support for women’s heart health!

If you would like to become a part of this movement simply go to our
contact page here, and fill out the form. Over the next few months we
will be collaborating, and getting the event together, so we can unite
with one voice, one vision, and one truth.

Remember, it’s not just about the material gifts, but the gift of a healthy
life that will keep us happy together.

Don’t Allow This to Happen to Her

With that being said, if you would also like more information
on going red, please visit the American Heart Associations,
going red website.…

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